Review: Paper Towns

As you can probably guess (if you’ve read the book by John Green), the movie and the book have a lot of differences.

While it’s clear that the writers and producers tried really hard to get everything right and get everything in there, they didn’t. And that’s okay, because the movie was still great, even though some things were changed in order to be able to fit other things in.

The cast was great and there was even a cameo by Ansel Elgort, that still cracks me up every time I watch.

Maybe I’m biased because I just adore Nat Wolff (since Naked Brothers Band, if you’re old enough to know what that is), but he was just perfect for this role.

All in all, the movie was great in its own right, but I still liked the book better.


2 thoughts on “Review: Paper Towns

  1. I have heard great things about John Green but I have not read any of his books. Where should I start? Which one is his best? I have ‘An Abundance of Katherines,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” and “Looking for Alaska” at home. I am not sure about this movie, it seems to have gotten mixed reviews.


    1. Well, my friend’s favorite is ‘Looking for Alaska’, but I haven’t read it myself. I’ve only read ‘Paper Towns’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ which are both amazing. I recommend ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and that you have a box of tissues handy.


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