10 Times ‘Game of Thrones’ Made Us Hate ‘Game of Thrones’


If you watch Game of Thrones, then you know by now that your favorite character is likely to die, or has already. Sadly, character deaths aren’t the worst things that Game of Thrones likes to throw at you, i.e. murder, rape, torture, etc.

Here are ten times that Game of Thrones made you hate Game of Thrones:

  • Joffrey

Yeah, this one doesn’t really need an explanation.

  • The making of ‘Reek’

The torture that Ramsay Bolton performed on Theon was also torturous for the audience watching. Especially when Ramsay did the unthinkable and removed Theon’s genitals.

  • The rape of Sansa Stark

It’s been a long, difficult, and abusive road for Sansa Stark. Unfortunately, in order to get back to her home, she had to marry a psychopath. The controversial ‘rape’ scene is something that really hit fans where it hurt. The fact that it’s happening on a nightly basis (though we don’t see it), only makes matters so much worse.

  • The slaughter of Robb, his mother, his men, and his pregnant fiancee

I’ve never been a big fan of Catelyn or Robb, but this was just brutal. Looking back, it should have been expected. There can only be one kind, Robb.

  • The amputation of Jaime’s hand

Whether or not you like Jaime, the cutting off of his hand was probably still painful for you to watch.

  • When Jaime pushed Bran from the window of the tower

Back in the days of Jaime-hating, this was like, the worst thing. You know, back before you realized Game of Thrones thrives on hurting you? Before you realized there are going to be way worse things happening very soon?

But still, seeing a child thrown from a tower window is pretty bad. Just ask Bran.

  • The sacrificing of Shireen

Poor little Shireen. The saddest part of all is that her parents were pretty terrible her entire life. Mainly her mother. Plus, she had Greyscale and wasn’t even supposed to survive; she was locked away. Still, the poor girl only wanted to help her father.

Ser Davos was a better father to her than Stannis ever was. But I could rant about that all day. This death was the saddest I’ve seen in a while on the show. Her screams of agony still pain me.

  • When Shae totally (literally) screwed Tyrion over

Ugh. This made me so mad. I’d come to adore Shae and when she betrayed Tyrion, it was like she betrayed me personally.

  • The beheading of Ned Stark

The moment I realized the rumors were true: Game of Thrones killed main characters and, therefore, would be the death of me.

  • The death of Khal Drogo

That’s just wrong.

  • The death of Jon Snow

It was obvious. But it was still painful. And just horrible. And wrong. And painful. And I might just be in denial.

Though there are a bajillion-and-one theories as to what really happened to Jon Snow, I’m trying to ignore them and just make it the few months until it comes back on. I could read the books….Oh, wait. No, I’m not even sure if the next book is out yet.

To quote Clive from iZombie:

[Ravi: What’s George R.R. Martin up to right now?]

Clive: Not writing!

Did I miss any that really got to you? Comment and let me know! I’m always interested!


6 thoughts on “10 Times ‘Game of Thrones’ Made Us Hate ‘Game of Thrones’

      1. Haha, there are so many rumors about him coming back to life it’s almost like he’s not even dead. I guess it won’t be real for any of us until they handle his body. 😦


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