Review: ‘Into the Wild’ by Jon Krakauer

My sister came home one day earlier this school year with this book. I read the back of it and decided that I wanted to read it. It’s my type of thing. While I was reading it, I told my friend and she said that it was a great book and told me to watch the movie, which I didn’t do, because I couldn’t get into it.

However, the book immediately caught and held my attention. I finished it within two to three days. And as sad as it is, it’s still pretty brilliant. Sure, lots of people thinks it’s ignorant to just leave everything behind and go off into the wilderness. But I admire the ability to do that. Of course, I would hope that one would become knowledgeable in how to survive in the wild.

There are several theories as to what happened to Chris McCandless that caused him to die in that van in the middle of the Alaskan woods. But I’m sure you’ll come to your own conclusion when you read this. As I hope you will.



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