Review: ‘Mars’ [Manga] by Fuyumi Soryo

So, back in ninth grade, my friend found these three mangas and started reading them. I found it interesting and decided to read them also. She didn’t continue reading because the school library only had the first three and our public library didn’t have any of them. Naturally, I went on MangaFox and read the rest of the series.

And it was glorious.

The story has a few cliches. But the main thing that I loved, aside from the unorthodox romance between Kira and Rei, was the fact that Kira grew from this shy and timid little girl into a confident and strong woman who stood up for herself. No more being bullied.

Plus, there’s tons of drama and twists that keep you interested. Like the whole thing about Rei’s brother and his suicide. The story behind that is well thought-out and intriguing.

I just love this. Okay, yeah. If you’re into manga and you haven’t read this series, I recommend it. It was also a television series for a short time in Japan, I believe, though I can’t find the episodes online.



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