Review: Hitman – Agent 47

A brilliant movie. Perhaps my love for Rupert Friend (whom I’ve been watching in ‘Homeland’) had something to do with why I loved it so much, but I honestly don’t think so. Before I started watching ‘Homeland’ and knew who Rupert Friend was, I was dying to see this movie. Then I found out who was starring in it and wanted to see it that much more.

The entire thing is action-packed. No romance. Thank the Heavens.

Okay, bringing up ‘Homeland’ again, I saw a few similarities. Like how Rupert plays an agent. Or how it partially takes place in Berlin (season five of ‘Homeland’).

I don’t really have much to say about this one. You should just experience it for yourself. Undoubtedly the best movie I’ve seen all month (along with Scorch Trials, which I’ll review on another post). Then again, I haven’t watched that many movies this month.

Just watch and judge for yourself. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Then again again, this is a remake of a movie based on a video game and I haven’t watched the first version or played the video game, so…


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