Review: The Maze Runner – Scorch Trials

As I’ve already told you, I didn’t read the books. So, to me, this movie was even better than the first.

There was action throughout the entire movie, not to mention: PETYR BAELISH. Am I right? Okay. Anyway, I’ve seen spoilers for the third movie (which isn’t supposed to come out until 2017!) and I’m not happy about it. Well, okay…I’m happy about half of it.

Shawna, stop getting distracted.

The review…for real, this time:

Action-packed, Dylan O’Brien, keeps you on the edge of your seat, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Minho being a badass. Petyr Baelish. All of these are perfect reasons to watch. And if you read the books and didn’t like the first one, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to give the second one a chance. Heaven knows I wouldn’t watch the sequels to ‘Vampire Academy’ or ‘The Mortal Instruments’. Those were just awful.

So I recommend it if you haven’t read the books. If you have, then I don’t know if I recommend it or not. Because I haven’t read the books.


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