Review: ‘The Visit’


After the horrid mistake that was ‘The Last Airbender’, I was hoping that M. Night Shyamalan could redeem himself. I will say that the movie wasn’t so bad and I’m glad that he went back to horror. At the same time, I’ve definitely seen better and it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

I mean, the overall story-line was definitely M. Night’s work and I was happy with it. It keeps you guessing, trying to figure out what’s going on and why these things are happening. I thought it was aliens at one point. But I was happily surprised when it wasn’t aliens, because that was predictable. My brother literally said aliens a few minutes in.

There is one part that I was a bit disturbed by, but if you’ve seen the movie, then it’s a bit more understandable why it happened. At the same time, it might have gone a bit too far. I mean, who wants to see an old guy rub a shitty diaper on a kid’s face? Not this chick. But, hey. Maybe you’re into that sort of thing.

The movie is pretty funny, I won’t lie. Most horror movies are quite comical these days, because most of them are unrealistic and probably just suck. While ‘The Visit’ didn’t lack in comedy or weird shit, it still didn’t meet my horror standards and definitely wasn’t scary.


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