Vikings: What I Hope For in the Fourth Season

To be honest, there are only a few parts of Season 3 that really stick out in my mind. Like Floki totally losing it and killing Athelstan. Or how Athelstan and Judith do the deed and she’s pregnant with his child. How Ecbert like cuts off Judith’s ear as torture until she tells them the baby is Athelstan’s.

How Ragnar realized Floki killed Athelstan at the end. Oh, gods above! Rollo’s over here gonna marry this bitch.

Rollo, you traitorous prick.

It’s all very stressful.

As for what I hope to happen, well, I hope that Aslaug dies a horribly slow and painful death. I hope Ragnar doesn’t die, because we all know he is going to sooner or later and the story will continue anyway. I hope that Rollo finally gets what he deserves for being a traitor once again. I hope that Floki (even though I love him) pays for killing Athelstan. I hope Lagertha and Ragnar get back together. And I hope Judith chokes on her own saliva.


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