Supernatural: The Devil in the Details – Casifer

Okay, so there is a lot of controversy among the fandom about this particular happening. Some people like to say that Castiel is selfish and the boys are going to be pissed (which they undoubtedly are), because they tried so hard to keep Lucifer in the cage and then “Asstiel just casually strolls into the cage and LETS HIM OUT.” That’s a quote, by the way. A real one.

My opinion, however, is very different.

If you’re like me and love Castiel, then you most likely think he had good reason for doing what he did or that he’s justified, at least a little. For a while now, Castiel has been being told by various people that he doesn’t mean to the Winchesters what he used to, or that the Winchesters are always going to do what’s best for them, no matter the cost. And yeah, I’ve seen that last part to be true. Castiel has been called their bitch and lapdog and any number of other terms that basically mean he does their bidding no matter what.

So, if you were Castiel, what would you be thinking? There’s probably been that lingering thought in the back of his head that those people who were telling him all those things were right. And I think that when they were in the cage and Dean automatically ran to Sam and didn’t think twice about the fact that Lucifer had his hands on Castiel, I think that basically proved to Cas – at least in his mind – that he wasn’t as important to the Winchesters as he thought he was, or as he used to be. That there was no Sam, Dean, and Cas. There was just Sam and Dean against the world.

In my opinion, Castiel wanted to matter again. He wanted to help save the world and prove to the boys that they need him as much as he needs them, whether it’s true or not. I think that, for a while now, Sam and Dean have been taking Castiel’s loyalty to them for granted.

I’ve had people tell me that Castiel was just pining for attention and that he just needed to feel special again. And that’s probably true, just not in the way that these people are meaning it. Castiel does want the boys’ attention. He does want to feel special again. Because for too long, he’s been putting his ass on the line and not being appreciated for it. Not having anyone else risk themselves for him.

At the end of the day, Sam and Dean are going to feel pissed and betrayed. But I think that if they sit back and think about why it is Castiel did what he did, they will be able to forgive him. And maybe they won’t take him for granted so much anymore when – if – he comes back from this.

Feel free to comment your own thoughts, whether or not they conflict with mine. I don’t judge, I swear! And I’m interested in your opinions!


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