Review: ‘Cruel Crown’ by Victoria Aveyard

This is just two novellas combined into one book, so I’ll be reviewing both Queen Song and Steel Scars.

Queen Song:

At first, I was thinking that I didn’t really care about Coriane’s story. Like, why should I? She’s uber dead. But then when I started reading the thing, I became so engrossed in her relationship with Tibe. I was shipping it hardcore (yeah, I’m one of those people, sue me). I mean, I already knew the outcome, but just experiencing it, how she and Tibe came to be together…it was cute.

And then it kind of took a dark turn. Coriane had some miscarriages, she got depressed, Tibe wasn’t around, he was a drunk. Her thoughts turned dark, her journal entries worrisome. Of course, she never had the chance to regain her happiness, as she was murdered by Elara.

Steel Scars:

Farley. She’s a badass rebel queen, no? And her sort-of relationship with Shade is adorable. This book gave us the first real look at Shade’s personality and a bit of background for Farley – whose real name is Diana, by the way.

The only thing about this book is that it made me realize I just how much I wished Tristan hadn’t died in Red Queen. It kind of irked me a bit that he was killed off so early. I wanted to learn more about him. In Steel Scars, I kind of got to know Tristan a bit more, but not really. Sigh. He had potential.

If you’re reading the Red Queen series, I suggest reading these two novellas, though it’s not a necessary read. Just a bit of backstory for Farley/Shade and Coriane.


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