Review: The Forest (2016)


Where to start?

This one was actually pretty decent. I mean, there were some stupid parts, which I’ll discuss, because what the fuck? But overall, the movie was pretty good.

I think the best part about this movie is that you’re not sure what’s real the entire time. You don’t know if it’s just the forest fucking with her mind (and yours) or if what’s happening is actually…happening.

Another thing I thought was good was that one twin (Sarah) went into the forest to find her sister (Jess) and Sarah ended up dying while Jess escaped, even though they never actually found each other.

But like I said, there were some pretty stupid parts.

One part made me laugh, and I don’t even know why. Sarah falls in the dark and cuts her hand and she’s like, “Goddammit” and that just cracked me up for some reason.

But the stupidest part of this whole damn movie was when the guy (Aidan) pulled her out of that pit and said he’d found a Ranger’s Station and that they should get going. You know what Sarah says? “Let me wash up first.” Like – excuse me, but aren’t you trying to get out of that goddamn forest as quickly as possible? And you wanna take a motherfucking bath? “Oh, Aidan, I know we’re trying to survive, but I seem to have some dirt under my freshly manicured nails.” Fuck you.

Another thing that kind of irked me was that when she killed Aidan, she just kind of ignored it. For a second, she seemed freaked out that she’d just killed a man, but then she’s like, “Ehh, whatever.” And I know she was under the influence of the forest and that she was trying to find her sister, but I still think I’d care a little bit more about having just killed a (probably) innocent guy.

Oh, shit. Which brings me to something else. It’s not something that bothered me about the movie, but I feel like I didn’t get some answers about Aidan. Sarah found pictures of her sister on his phone, but I guess those weren’t actually there? I don’t know. Did he even know her? Or was that just the forest? Was he really a bad guy? Because the movie was trying awfully hard to make him seem that way, just to kill him off and leave me with so many questions, and no answers.

One final thing that annoyed me was the very end. They’d already established that Sarah was dead, taken by the forest or whatever. Everyone was gone, aside from that main Japanese man, Hitchi or something, and he’s standing there, looking into the forest. Who appears – supposedly creepy-and-dead-looking? None other than Sarah. It was lame and unnecessary and took away from the movie.

All in all, I’d say the movie was okay. Not the best and not the worst I’ve seen.


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