Review: The Danish Girl

Sometimes I think about killing Einar, but it’s only the thought that I’d be killing Lili too, that stops me.

The Danish Girl is a film about the first sex change operation, though it’s really about more than that. The story follows a man named Einar and his wife, Gerda, who are both painters and happily married. But one day, Gerda asks Einar to wear some stockings and high-heels to help her be able to finish a painting. Upon doing so, Einar realizes that he likes himself in the stockings and imagines himself in the dress.

At first, Gerda goes along with Einar as Lili, thinking it’s not serious, that it’s temporary and for fun. But when Einar continues to identify as Lili and eventually tells Gerda that Lili is there to stay, some problems arise in their marriage.

Though the transition of Einar to Lili is hard on everyone involved in different ways, which all get explored throughout the movie, in the end, love prevails.

I’ve only liked a handful of people in my life, and you’ve been two of them.

The movie isn’t just about the first sex change operation, but also about how being transgender in the 1900s, and unfortunately in the twentieth century, is difficult. It explores how, even though people are born this way and should be allowed to be who they truly are, it was considered wrong and unacceptable in that time (and even today), and how it affects everyone around the person.

I recommend everyone watch The Danish Girl, if only to open your mind.
(Maybe not everyone, as it has a fair amount of nudity)


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