Review: ‘We are the Ants’ by Shaun David Hutchinson

Where to start with this one… First off, who knew there could be so many space-related metaphors? I was intrigued from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. Henry’s situation is unique and his life is…well, real. It’s relatable. The emotions are real and the relationships are complex. The author explores so many real-life troubles… Read More Review: ‘We are the Ants’ by Shaun David Hutchinson

Review: The Boy

**SPOILERS AHEAD** Can you say anticlimactic? I can. I won’t lie, going into this movie, I didn’t have high hopes. When I first saw the preview for it a few months ago, I wasn’t impressed and thought it looked quite stupid. Unfortunately, I was right. But right before we started the movie, my sister told… Read More Review: The Boy