Supernatural: Don’t Call Me Shurley – Chuck Returns!




In all seriousness, this episode answered some questions we have long awaited the answers to.

Where was Chuck?
All this time….where has Chuck even been? Metatron made sure to do us all a solid and get the real answers. Like where the hell Chuck even was. Turns out, he was traveling. Dating. Boys and girls. He was blogging about cats. And trying to write.

A memoir….?
Not gonna lie, for a second there I was sure Chuck was planning on dying (can God die?) or simply bailing. I mean, why else write a memoir? Especially when you know your evil sister is going to destroy everything.

Remember that time Dean tossed the amulet into that trash can at the motel? And kind of also threw away the shattered pieces of our hearts along with it? Turns out, Chuck had other plans. Now, I’ve been reading everywhere since the episode aired that Sam was the one who had the amulet this entire time. W R O N G. Chuck had the amulet at the beginning of the episode. It wasn’t until Chuck decided to try and save humanity that he gave Sam the amulet, which then led the brothers to Chuck aka God, doing what we were all told so long ago that it did.

Also, on a side note: I read that the writers/producers said they weren’t bringing back the amulet. So glad that either wasn’t true or they changed their minds, because yes.

Why did Chuck create…all this?
The simple answer is that he was lonely. He had his sister, but she is literally the Darkness, the opposite of Chuck, who is light. Every time he created something, she destroyed it. Therefore, Chuck created his archangels and they locked away his sister.

Chuck’s thoughts on Lucifer?
He’s not evil. Or wasn’t. There are obviously some unresolved feelings. I mean, Chuck is Lucifer’s creator and I’m sure he felt betrayed. He clearly doesn’t like talking bad about Lucifer and probably still has hope that Lucifer will love humanity as Chuck does.

Now that Chuck is back, I expect a war to be on the horizon. Hopefully there won’t be too many fatalities. At least, I hope no one I actually care about dies.

Also, since Chuck has returned, I’m now awaiting the glorious and epic arrival of Gabriel.


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