My Favorite Characters – Avatar: The Last Airbender Edition

Okay, so I’ve fallen deeply into my A:TLA phase again (yes, I’m away it’s been twelve years; I’m also aware that I am an old lady), so I wanted to do a post about my favorite A:TLA characters. Also, I finally decided to watch Legend of Korra, which is bringing back too many memories from the original series.

This list isn’t in any particular order, but I will let you know which characters are my all-time favorites when we get to them.

Toph Beifong


▸Toph is literally so amazing. Not only is she a blind, earth-bending princess, but she was the first ever metal-bender as well. She’s adorable and snarky and sarcastic and I love her so much. And she’s the only one with a last name.

Cabbage Merchant


▸Everyone loves him. Don’t act like you don’t.

Uncle/General Iroh


▸This man was the wisest man I’ve ever seen, ever. And so humble. He was a well-renowned general, and gave up his place as Firelord after his son died to travel around with Prince Zuko and take care of him. Iroh was one of my all-time favorite A:TLA characters. I wish someone loved me like he loved tea.

King Bumi


▸Bumi was just the right kind of crazy. I love it. He’s hilarious. And Aang named his son after him alskfja;sdlkf.

Prince Zuko


▸My all-time favorite A:TLA character. His slow transformation from the angsty, banished prince to hero was just…iconic. Zuko had a rough life and went down the wrong path for years, thinking what he was doing was going to make his father love and respect him, even though he was compromising himself. But he slowly began to realize (thanks in large part to his Uncle Iroh) that that wasn’t who he was and that his destiny was to, in fact, help the avatar. And I just think his character development was A++, the best on the show. And I could talk about my bitterness about Zutara, but I’ll save that for another post.



▸He’s cute, he’s funny, he’s a little sexist. But Sokka is also strong. Growing up, surrounded by benders and not being a bender himself, he was still an integral part of the team and I loved him so freaking much. One of my top faves.


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