My Favorite Characters – Rick & Morty Edition

Since we’ve been waiting almost exactly a year and a half (just like Mr. Poopybutthole promised, “or longer”), I wanted to post about my favorite Rick and Morty characters.

Again, this list is in no particular order, but I’ll point out my most favorite characters.

Rick Sanchez


Rick is a dick, if we’re being honest. But his character is actually pretty complex. He masks his pain with alcohol, “wubba lubba dub dub”s, and sarcasm, but that’s pretty real shit. Rick is probably my favorite character overall.

Evil Morty


Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind is probably one of my favorite episodes, just because we get to see so much humanity in Rick. And also, because I think it’s pretty rad that a (robotic?) Morty set up that whole thing and tried to take Rick down. I feel like there is going to (hopefully) going to be more to this storyline.

Anyway, Evil Morty is one of my favorites because he’s just a badass and a side of Morty that we don’t get to see much. Whether or not he’s an actual real Morty is still up in the air, but I love that he isn’t this timid and scared Morty like the original (whom I also love).



He was just great. Poor Birdperson. To Hell with Tammy.

Morty Jr.


Okay, I only really liked him for shit like this.



I mean – come on.

Morty Smith


Morty kind of just gets to me. He’s not the brightest child – we all know that – but he’s been through a lot shit, mostly because of his adventures with Rick, and a lot of the time, we see what that’s done to him. He’s a nervous kid anyway, and being Rick’s bitch probably doesn’t help that. I love Morty because he is a real character, meaning (to me, at least) that he represents real problems and real things we all go through, even if we don’t join our drunken grandfathers on scientific adventures to other dimensions.


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