My Favorite Characters – Gilmore Girls Edition

Unlike the majority of Gilmore Girls fans, I only watched the show in 2016. In all honesty, I’d bought the first season (I don’t have Netflix) months before actually watching it because I had heard about it and I knew that Jared Padalecki was in it and let’s just say I’m Supernatural trash. But I still didn’t end up watching it until around August or September.

And I immediately fell in love. What started as an iffy, I-have-nothing-better-to-do watching of the pilot quickly turned into let’s-spend-money-buying-all-the-seasons-and-binge-watch-them-all-continuously-over-the-course-of-several-weeks-because-what-else-is-important-in-life-anymore? Before I knew it, my mom was into Gilmore Girls, my sister was into Gilmore Girls. We were all watching Gilmore Girls. I’m the only one of the three of us who has watched the revival episodes (that ending though!).

Anyway, I’m currently reading Lauren Graham’s memoir, so that inspired this (probably crappy) blog post about my favorite characters from one of my very favorite television shows.

Lane Kim


Lane, you cutie. Honestly, I don’t think Lane got enough screen-time in the revival. Throughout the original series, she was around quite a bit, making me feel sorry for her, but also glad that my parents weren’t as strict as Mrs. Kim.

Richard Gilmore


Sure, Richard Gilmore was a pain in the ass sometimes, but I freaking adored him. He was more understanding (in most cases), easy to talk to, funny, salty most of the time, and his bow-ties were A++.

Rest in Peace, Edward Hermann ❤

Logan Huntzberger


It took me a second, but I eventually fell in love with Logan. Not because he’s nice to look at (speaking of, I didn’t think Matt Czuchry could get more attractive, and then I watched the revival and holy shit), but because – sure, he was the snobby rich kid – but he was always there for Rory. He changed for Rory. And he was damaged, just like the rest of us, though he hid it behind his money, which somehow made me like him and understand him better.

Sookie St. James


I’m not gonna lie, sometimes Sookie pissed me off, but I love her. She’s hilarious and adorable and amazing and I wish Melissa McCarthy still did classy roles like this, to be honest.

Luke Danes


Luke Danes made me feel things. And I’m not just talking sexual things, either. Okay, sorry, took that a bit too far there. But Luke made me feel…emotions. He’s such a good guy, but he had his flaws and I just loved him. And lines like the one above were pretty great also.

Kirk Gleason


Kirk was a weird one, I think we all know that. But I loved him for it. He was a lot of the comic relief when other characters’ story arcs were a bit depressing. He was just an all-around good guy, honestly. I’m not sure why my mom hated him so much.

Paris Geller


Paris was a savage. Honestly, she’s probably one of my most favorite characters of all time. She was intense and intelligent and a feminist and I just adore her.

Rory Gilmore


99% of the time, Rory and I were basically the same person. We love to read and write and we’re quiet and shy and yadda yadda yadda. But sometimes, she did things that just pissed me off. Regardless, I love her and we are one *insert creepy music*.

Lorelai Gilmore


Lorelai made me mad more than a few times, but all-in-all, she was a great character. And a great mother. Lorelai is probably the best mother I’ve ever seen, not gonna lie. Like, what the hell? (I love my mom, though <3). Her sarcasm and cynicism really resonated with me.

Michel Gerard


Michel was the saltiest person I’ve ever seen and I loved it. Me too, Michel. Me too.

So who are your favorite Gilmore Girls characters? Why??


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