Review: ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon

2.5 stars

I had high hopes going in, but those hopes were soon crushed, one right after the other. I’m sure this book has gotten a lot of love, and I’m famous (famous as in…only famous to myself) for not liking books that everyone else does. It’s a gift and a curse. And not really by choice.

The Things I Liked:

Character Depth
Every character had a story and a background. It’s what made them likeable, and human. What made them jump off the page, rather than remain a flat, paper character.

The Fact That Nicola Tried
This sounds really sarcastic, but I do appreciate the effort. I’ve never read any of Nicola Yoon’s other work(s), so I can’t compare this one to her other writing(s). However, I can appreciate that she tried to add a twist in there. It didn’t really work for me – I guessed it pretty early on – but it was a good twist.

The Things I Didn’t Like:

The Insta-Love
In the book, I guess the aforementioned “insta-love” is actually spread out over a couple months, but I still consider that pretty fast. And it feels like it happens overnight, honestly. Actually, Madeline does say when she first sees Olly that she is going to love him, and I’m like…Okay. Maybe I’m just a cynic who doesn’t like love stories, which is mostly true. Either way, this annoyed me to no end. Not to mention the speed at which their relationship escalates.

The Twist
It was a good twist, like I said. However, it was far too predictable. And there could have been so much more to it, too. This book could have been way darker and twistier and gone down a different and, in my opinion, better path. As I said before, I’m a cynic. I like darker things. I’m sure if Nicola wanted this book to be like a Stephen King novel, it would have been. Personally, I think going more in-depth with this would have made the book far better, at least to me.

The Book
As I mentioned above, this book could have been so much more. I hated the insta-love and the twist was done all wrong, in my opinion. Yeah, sure. Romance is great. But what about exploring Madeline’s mother’s illness? What about telling us more about what happened with Olly’s family at the end?

The message is a good one, but it doesn’t really make the book as a whole any better.


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