Review: Everything, Everything

I wasn’t impressed with the book and I certainly wasn’t impressed with the movie.

Honestly, I feel like the movie had potential to actually be better than the book. The biggest flaw here is that it just feels like everything was squeezed together, just thrown in there. I feel like they were trying so hard to get most of the stuff from the book in there (because they definitely left a lot out), that they just shoved it all together. The result was a sloppy mess of bad acting and even worse storytelling.

I’ll keep this review short because all the problems I had the book that you can find here are still problems I had with the movie. Another problem I had with the movie was that Olly’s family life was barely talked about at all, whereas, in the book, it was almost as big a deal as Madeline’s illness.

All in all, I’m just not a fan of the book or the movie.


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